Tasmanian Two-Hat Ultimate Tournament

Two-Hat Ultimate Tourney

The Tasmanian Two-Hat is a two day Ultimate tournament organised by the TUA. The Two-Hat is traditionally held on the second weekend in October, with teams being drawn out of a hat (well kind of). The first Two-Hat Tourney was held in October 1999. From Two-Hat V, Friday evening disc golf has also featured in the festivities.

A fairly complete history of past Two-Hats is available.

Two-Hat XII

Two-Hat XII will be held as a two day tournament in October, 2010. Registration is still open but late fees currently apply!

This is a mixed hat format tourney so we welcome all skill levels, including complete beginners. This tournament is played under WFDF rules with a couple of minor local variations, listed under the heading Two-Hat specific rules.

For more general information, contact the Tournament Director: Shavawn Donoghue. Check back periodically for updates! If you want some idea of what to expect, check out the details below from Two-Hat XI - or look at the Two-Hat history page.


Online registration is now available for Two-Hat XII! You can now check your registration details including whether we have your money, meal preferences, your t-shirt size request. Don't expect updates to this page to occur in real time - although we do our best!

Two-Hat XII is likely to be capped so register and pay now to guarantee yourself a place. Any players who register after the player cap has been reached will be placed on a waiting list, and will only be able to play if others pull out of the tournament. Given the demand for places at this year's tournament, please let us know as soon as possible if you have to pull out (especially if you are hoping for a refund)!

To register, click here and fill out the registration form.


Registration payment (which includes AFDA fees), can be paid (in order of our preference) by (i) electronic transfer of funds, (ii) cash or (iii) cheque. In 2010, if you register and pay by September 3 it costs $80, or $100 by September 24. After this time, it costs $120 or $150, depending on when you pay! This is a small tournament - we want to know if you are playing in advance so we can organise it appropriately, so we give you financial incentives to register early! If you register and can't play, refunds may be available, at the discretion of the TD and inline with the TUA refund policy, but you better have a note from your mother, or a very good excuse. More details are available on the TUA refund policy page.

AFDA membership, insurance and AFDA membership benefits

AFDA membership (covering you for this event only) is now included in the tournament fee. To ensure we are covered by insurance, you need to supply a valid AFDA number. More details are available on AFDA membership structure and fees.

As of January 1 2008, the AFDA reinstituted Personal Injury Insurance as part of their insurance policy. Given that claims to the AFDA's personal injury insurance have a maximum pay out of $1,500, it has been agreed by the AFDA board that the Members' Compassionate Fund will continue to operate in 2008 in order to provide additional compensation for big injury claims. The current low insurance prices are unlikely to last beyond the medium term, in which case the AFDA will revert to using the Member Compassionate Fund as the primary vehicle to assist our members in financial need.

Detailed information for Two Hat XII

Additional more detailed information on Two-Hat XII is now available, including information on the tourney start time, fields, disc golf, party details, the game schedule and more at the Two-Hat XII information for registered players link. This link will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you wish to check your registration and payment details you can also check your registration details as we received them (hopefully they match the information you entered!

Other Tasmanian Tournaments

Other even smaller half-day Hat tournaments occur at somewhat random intervals, like the AUTUMNAL (Affiliated University of Tasmania Ultimate May No Arty Logo) Hat tournament held in May 2000, the HHH and Winter Solstice Tourneys held in 2001, the Autumn Equinox and Aaah Tournaments held in 2002, the Long Knights Tournament in 2003 and the Tournament that Almost Was Not in 2005 and the Half-WIT from 2009 onwards.

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