Rob Hancock Award Nominations Now Open

Simon Wood
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 14:37
It is time once again to honour Australia's greatest contributors to disc sport - the prestigious Rob Hancock Award is now open for nominations!

In short, the Rob Hancock Award, named in posthumous honour of one of AFDA's founding fathers and early national champion in many flying disc disciplines, is awarded each year to the select few people most deserving of recognition for their contributions on and off the field consistently and with the highest standards of execution. The Award is our most prestigious form of recognition, and, in a sport where, thanks to self-refereeing and the Spirit of the Game, means we're all contributing all the time, to receive it is really something very, very special.

Nominations should be forwarded to myself or a member of the AFDA Board no later than Friday 4th April 2014, to enable the award to be presented at AUC 2014.

Information about the Award and guidance on preparing a nomination is available here 
Past winners of the award can be found here.
Simon Wood
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#1 John Greenfield 2014-03-07 16:23
Well done Owen
Totally deserved. Our first reaction here in Newie was- hasn't he got it already?
Who would have thought you would be here now during your first game with us at the Mac Uni fields on a freezing winter night in 1995?
cu on the weekend for another joust on the field

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